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Pack 197 Webelos Crossover Sign Up

Posted on Jan 20 2022 - 7:25pm

Pack 197 has invited our Troop to assist with their Webelos Crossover.  This is a huge milestone for a Scout, and it is an honor to be considered to help with their ceremony.  If you are able to attend and help, please sign up.  

I would like to go over the ceremony details at this Sunday's Troop meeting with those signed up, so please attend if possible.

Boy Scout Troop 416, Plano TX | Pack 197 / Webelos crossover


Signup Reminder: Anikieth’s Eagle Project rescheduled for January 29th

Posted on Jan 20 2022 - 7:22pm

Please take note of the new date and sign up or make adjustments to prior sign ups

Project will be held at the Connemara Conservancy in Allen, Texas. 

We will be transferring and spreading a native species of grass to help to restore its numbers in nature. The project will last 4 hours, from 8-12 am and will likely be held on the weekend of the 29th, but the date is tentative based on the weather.

Please come prepared for a labor-intensive activity, and make sure to bring gloves and work boots if you have them. Food and drinks will be provided, but I recommend bringing your own water. 


Sign ups and reminders!

Posted on Jan 5 2022 - 2:59pm

We have several activities coming up that could use some help from some of our Scouts.  Please take a look at the following and sign up if you are able to help out:

  • Caleb H. Eagle Court of Honor - Saturday 01/08 - 1:30pm - Please sign up if you are able to help out with some of our Scout traditions (flag ceremony, motto, oath, etc).  Come celebrate Caleb's accomplishment of earning the Eagle rank and give a fellow Scout a hand on his special day. Sign up: Boy Scout Troop 416, Plano TX | Caleb H. Eagle Court of Honor



  • Pack 197 Webelos Crossover - 01/24 7:00PM - This is an important step in the journey for young Scouts to cross over to BSA Scouts.  Please sign up if you are able to come help with the ceremony and welcome some new Webelos into BSA Scouting.  Sign up: Boy Scout Troop 416, Plano TX | Pack 197 / Webelos crossover



And finally, we will be having our annual Mulch kickoff this Sunday, 01/09.  Please attend to hear important details and also sign up to help out.  We really need everyone to pitch in to make this successful and to help the Troop out.  This is a great activity that helps the Troop as well as the Scout.

Troop WoW Details for 12/11/2021

Posted on Dec 10 2021 - 3:26pm

Scouts & Scout Parents

 Our Troop WOW is this Saturday and it’s a very important recruitment event for the troop that we need all the scouts to support and attend even if it's for only part of the time for the event. 

Please arrive at 9:00 AM to help with preparations and setup.  

  • 9am ------------------ scouts setup for event
  • 10am to 1pm ------ Webelos training
  • 1pm to 2pm -------- scouts cleanup

 We will provide scouts donuts for setup and lunch for everyone with deserts.


Learning stations / scout supported

  • Cooking --------------------------------- Alex  (scout lead)
  • Camp setup --------------------------- James (scout lead)
  • Ax & knife safety -------------------- Devin  (scout lead)
  • Fire building & safety -------------- Zubair (scout lead)
  • Troop history ------------------------ Saisarath (scout lead)

Top Shot February Campout Sign up

Posted on Dec 10 2021 - 3:26pm

We've added a sign up for the Top Shot Campout for the weekend of February 18-20th.  Cost will be $20.00 per Scout, not charge for adult leaders.  Please sign up ASAP so that we can register and ensure we have enough adult leadership attending for travel and camping.


Last day for Webelos Woods sign up today

Posted on Nov 7 2021 - 9:05am

If you haven’t signed up and are able to go next weekend, please do so asap.  Today is the last day we can register scouts and adults.  This is an important weekend for recruiting potential Webelos into our troop.