Quick Hits - Activities

Posted on Aug 22 2014 - 1:24pm

- 8/24 Meeting in Room 27/28 South Side

- 8/24 Troop Elections/ Appointments, finalize new patrol names & patches

- 8/24 BOR's Sign up NOW If you have had a SM conference!

- 8/24 Ethan K. EAGLE COH immediately following the meeting (Fellowship Hall)

- 8/24 416 ALS Ice Bucket Fundraiser - $10 each to 'dump' on Mr Donovan! After Ethan's COH.

- 8/31 Flip Flop and FlapJacks Service Project at PMLC - Please register asap online.

- OA Members - Register on OA Website for Gator Fest; OA candidates, register for your Ordeal - the next one is early October.

- Cit in Community - Those with partials, if you need 8 service hours with one org, consider PMLC (Flip Flop breakfast, Ministry Fair and gardening would count) - see you MB councelor for approval.

- The Troop is giong to offer 3 Eagle MB classes starting soon.  Family Life (younger scouts); Cit in Community & Communications.  Stay tuned for details!

- Next Campout is the end of Sept so register now!  Troop to teach cooking/foil pack cooking. 

PMLC Ministry Fair-- Sept 7th

Posted on Aug 19 2014 - 9:39am

On Sunday, Sept 7th PMLC is holding their annual Minsitry Fair.   We need 2 or 3 scouts to help organize the event to represent Troop 416.   This is our chance to help recruit new scouts from the church to join Troop 416 and invite them to attend WOW if they are a Webelos II cub scout.

This event will work well for the communciations merit badge or the citizen in the community merit badge.  The scouts would help with the following:

    * Setting up a tent with sleeping bag bag, ground pad, and other gear you may take on a campout

    * Maybe setup a bean bag toss game to win candy or something to get younger cub scouts attention

    * Create a display board with cool pics from our recent campouts and high adventure so they can see the fun ahead along with our meeting times and contact information so they can contact us again later.

Contact Kirk Schlotman if you are interested in helping with this event: kirkschlotman@gmail.com

September Camping: James Ray September 26-28 WOW

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 8:10pm

Troop 416 Scouts will be teaching and demonstrating Foil Pack Cooking and Camp Cooking skills at the 2014 Webelos Outdoor Weekend.  Three stations will be set up to teach food safety, Prep a Foil Pack, and then allow the guests to cook the foil pack.  There will be opportunities to explore camp and work on your skills, bring your books.  Come have FUN!!!!

We will be hosting several local packs as our guests and showing them how to camp as Boy Scouts.

If your brother is in a pack and is a Weeblos, please get an invitation for their pack at the next troop meeting. OR print off the soon to be attached PDF.

Adults if you have a Weeblos and would like to camp with the Troop, you may sign your son and you up.  Please indicate your Weeblos name and Pack.

Saturday dinner we will probably cook as a troop and share with the packs that have joined us.

Cost TBD.  Please indicate form of payment in registration (scout account, check, PayPal). 

Adult drivers please indicate number of scout seats available in your vehicle.

Troop SPL and Patrol Leader Elections August 24

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 10:13pm

Be thinking about what position you want to contribute your skills to and learn from.  Elections are coming up in 2 weeks.  Where will you serve? Where will you choose to give back to the Troop and your fellow Scouts? How will you choose to stretch and grow over the next several months?

Prepare your speech and start talking to your buddies and the current leadership team about what you want to do.

In your speech, you may want to include some of the following:  Name, rank, how many activities and campouts you have attended AND more importantly how many you will attend this fall.  Come prepared, look like you are serious and make an impact.

On the calendar is a link that you can pre-sign yourself up for the leadership positions you are considering.  Everyone in the troop has someplace they can serve and grow and contribute.  What role will you be???

p.s. Adults this is a great time for you to step up: join the ASM team, be a Merit Badge Councilor, be a mentor  AND become active members on the Parent Committee.  (On the parent committee, every parent has a vote, but only if they show up and participate in the meetings.) Help the troop and your son grow.  We need your skills and what only you can bring to the Scouting Family of 416.

8/10 Troop Meeting - In Rooms 27/28

Posted on Aug 7 2014 - 8:19pm

Our troop meeting is in rooms 27/28.  There will be lots of other activity at the church with the Family Field Day, so please be respectful of the other activities.

Sign Up Now - Volunteer at PMLC Family Field Day Sunday 8/10 11:30-2PM

Posted on Aug 7 2014 - 8:13pm
PMLC will be hosting a Family Filed Day for the church on Sunday 8/10 from 11:30 to 2:00.  Our own 416 Alum Scott Howerton is coordinating volunteers to run several events including: Kickball, Relays, Races, Water balloon toss, Tag, Horseshoes, etc.
Scouts and/or Scout Families please sign up on the troop website asap if you are interested and the scout time invoved will count as service hours for rank advancement.  Each event will have approximately an hour or two worth of volunteer opportunities, and there can be more than one volunteer for each. The volunteers will be keeping the events orderly, most of the events are obvious what everyone will be doing. (e.g. refereeing the kickball games). If you have questions please contact Scott H at scottthowerton@hotmail.com
Thanks for your help serving our Charter Organization!