Zach F. Eagle Reception Today at 3:00 pm

Posted on Jul 26 2015 - 12:22pm

Eagle Celebration from 3:00-4:00  Today

Reception and Celebration following Troop Meeting.  Plan to stay and celebrate with Troop 416 on the Newest Eagle Scout to the Troop.  Mr. Zach F.


Family Swim Event Sunday 7/19! (No Troop Meeting)

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 5:53pm

Take a break from the heat and join other 416 families for a swim at the Muhlenbeck Aquatic Center in Plano.  Arrive early to get a spot in the shade - it opens at 1PM.  This is an unsupervised event so a parent or guardian is required.  Each family is responsible to pay their own entrance fee when they arrive.

Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center

5801 W Parker Rd 
PlanoTX 75093

$3 per day (Ages 3-15 years) $6 per day(Ages 16 years and older).

Need a Scoutmaster Conference?

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 5:53pm

Please contact Mr. Murfee at scoutmaster@troop416.us to set up a time.  Mr. Murfee is available this weekend at the Family Swim event but will not be available on weekdays prior to 7/26 BORs.

As a reminder, DO NOT register for a board of review until you have completed your SM conference, and do not expect a SM conference on the same day as your BOR.  As a general rule always plan to have your SM conferences completed the weekend before BORs.  BOR registration closes on the Wednesday prior to each BOR so that we can properly plan for the Board Members.

August 2nd Court of Honor

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 5:52pm

The August COH is normally our largest of the year following summer camp and high adventures.  Please mark your calendars to celebrate our the scouting achievements and enjoy some pictures from several big events.

Sunday 7/12 Meeting & Eagle Court of Honor

Posted on Jul 10 2015 - 1:16pm

Please note two items for Sunday 7/12 - 

  1. The troop meeting will be on the South side of the building - please use that entrance only.
  2. Immediately following the meeting at 3:00, everyone is invited to the Eagle Courth of Honor in Fellowship Hall for Grant & Garrett S., Trevor A., and Brett S.  Come celebrate and enjoy cake with the families following the ceremony!

Philmont Crew is SAFE

Posted on Jun 28 2015 - 9:58pm

Sunday Evening Update:

We recieved a very upbeat call from "one of the scouts and all the rest of the scouts talking over him in the background".  All the 416 guys want to continue on.  They are all regeared.  Several backpacks have been recovered.  They have been assisting other scouts troops throughout the day.   They will be back on trail Monday morning.  If you havent recieved a personal call, it is because the lines are pretty jamed and cell service is really, really poor in base camp.  Bottom line message: Scouts of Troop 416 handled the stress and stain of the situation with flying colors, worked as a team and kept their heads about them.  

Spot tracker is lost.  There will be no more updates until they all come off trail at their appointed due date.


Sunday Noon Update:

The Philmont team was affected by the flash flooding this weekend. 

ALL members of Troop 416 Philmont Team are SAFE.

They did have to evacuate back to base camp to get resupplied, regeared and redirected on their trek.

Their camp did get flooded between 1:00 am and 3:00 am.  All Scouts and Adults Hiked out to a safe spot where they were picked up by a Philmont van and taken back to base camp. 

The "SPOT" tracker they were caring for updates was lost in the flood.  SOOO, don't expect it to have any updated trek information.

All members are in good spirits and ready to complete their adventure.

Please keep all the scouts, leaders and BSA in your prayers as they deal with the everything from the floods this weekend.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT MRS. M OR MRS. F.  They do not have anymore information. When they do, we will keep everyone updated.  

All the families on the trek are getting email/text updates from the leaders.

We know the team is well prepared and will go on to have an awesome adventure.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Update taken from Mrs. E post on FB:    "Our son is at Philmont Boy Scout Camp and is safe; however, they lost most of their gear and are back at base camp getting re-outfitted to continue the trail. Out of 14 people in our Crew (troop 416), they lost all but 4 backpacks (although they are now finding them down river and getting them back to the guys). Most gear (i.e. sleeping bags/tents/bed rolls) is lost. The Crew that had the boy that was swept away was about a mile ahead of our boys. There are other crews that were not equipped properly that are returning home. Our Crew is going back onto the trail this evening. Please pray for safety and for the families that have been affected by this tragedy. 

Our son said that the lightening never stopped last night - the sky was never dark and they couldn't sleep at all because of the significant storm that hit."