New Leadership Roles - Green Bar PLC Sunday following meeting until 5:30.

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 10:30pm

Congratulations to all the scouts who are taking on new leadership roles announced last Sunday. We are looking forward to you learning your new roles and accomplishing great things within the troop. The first REQUIRED PLC is Sunday following the meeting until 5:30 to plan the year from TOWS inputs, and learn the expectations from your new role. Snacks provided!  If you cannot attend you MUST email the SPL in advance, or risk losing your leadership role.

For the scouts who have new "Green Bar" positions as of last Sunday (look at your new patch for a green bar and get rid of any old position patches), and have a phone that can receive texts, please sign up for the PLC Remind 101.  If you missed the meeting and are not certain about your position please email SPL@troop416.us.

Green Bar scout leaders Text "@plc416" to 620-277-3269 and follow the directions to receive updates from the SPL.

REGISTER NOW! September Camping: James Ray September 26-28 WOW

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 10:16pm

Troop 416 Scouts will be teaching and demonstrating Foil Pack Cooking and Camp Cooking skills at the 2014 Webelos Outdoor Weekend.  Three stations will be set up to teach food safety, Prep a Foil Pack, and then allow the guests to cook the foil pack.  There will be opportunities to explore camp and work on your skills, bring your books.  Come have FUN!!!! Do you have a band conflict Friday night?  That's OK - Come up and join us Saturday morning. 

We will be hosting several local packs as our guests and showing them how to camp as Boy Scouts.

If your brother is in a pack and is a Weeblos, please get an invitation for their pack at the next troop meeting. OR print off the soon to be attached PDF.

Adults if you have a Weeblos and would like to camp with the Troop, you may sign your son and you up.  Please indicate your Weeblos name and Pack.

Saturday dinner we will cook as a troop and share with the packs that have joined us.

Cost $20/per scout.  Please indicate form of payment in registration (scout account, check, PayPal). 

Adult drivers please indicate number of scout seats available in your vehicle.

Family Life Merit Badge

Posted on Sep 7 2014 - 8:49pm
Have you completed your Family Life merit badge yet?  Did you know it is an Eagle Required merit badge?  For boys that need this badge and wish to start working on it, we will start a group next troop meeting.  If you wish to join the group, email mbc@troop416.us.  We'll put together the list of boys who plan to work this badge.  If for some reason the group is too large we'll choose by boys who are higher rank but still need the merit badge.

Information and requirements for the badge are listed at http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Family_Life.  You can acquire the merit badge book at the Scout shop, online, or now for instant download on Amazon to Kindle or Kindle reader on another device.

John S. Eagle Court of Honor Saturday 9/6 @4PM

Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 7:48am

Come celebrate with the troop and John's friends and family as he is preseted with his Eagle Scout rank this Saturday @ 4PM at PMLC!

Sunday 9/7 - Bring Ideas!

Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 7:48am

Sunday we will review leadership roles that were elected and appointed last week.  In addition, we will conduct our annual Troop Organizational Workshop (TOWS) where we take input on exactly what the scouts would like to do in the next year.  We have a good starting list from the Patrols last week, but would like any additional input, so feel free to research and bring ideas.  We will cover where to camp, what activities to do, merit badges the troop can do together, service opportunities, and fundraising. This is a great chance to influence what the troop will do in the next year!

Venture Crew Presentation 9/7

Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 7:31am

The Crew president Aaron Stone and the other crew members will be presenting an overview of the Crew for the troop, including how to join the crew, requirements for joining, and what the crew plans for the coming 6 months.