WOW Weekend Campout (10/28 - 10/30)

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 7:47pm

WOW is approaching fast - so all scouts need to sign-up.

This is the campout at which we get to show Webelos how Boy Scout Troops work and camp.  We'll be teaching Fire Starting.  Plus the camp is nearby in McKinney at Mye's Park.

All scouts should plan on attending - this is an important campout for our Troop.

Menu planning will take place at this Sunday's Troop meeting (10/23). 

Troop 416 Survey

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 7:47pm

Parents, Scouts, and Adult Leaders - we want to know how we're doing and how we can get better as a troop.  Follow the link below to a short survey.  Please respond by Monday, October 31st.

We need your great ideas! 


Scout Meeting (October 16th)

Posted on Oct 13 2016 - 7:43am

All Boy Scout Leaders - we will be having a short Patrol Leader Council meeting at the conclusion of our regular Troop meeting this Sunday - October 16th.

Attendance is mandatory.  This includes:  SPL, Asst SPL, Patrol Leaders, Quartermasters, Instructors, etc. etc. etc.

See the post below with the official list by role. 

Parent Committee Meeting (October 17th)

Posted on Oct 11 2016 - 8:36pm

Troop 416 Parents:

Please attend the Parent’s Committee meeting on Monday (10/17) at 7:30 PM at Preston Meadow Lutheran Church - room 28 on the South Side.

The agenda will include but not be limited to winter camp, finance report, upcoming events and outings.

Please do not think everything is covered and taken care of, Troop 416 needs your help to make every thing happen for the boys so they can have a great scout experience while becoming honorable young men and obtainign thier Eagle rank. 

Thank you 


Troop 416 Committee Chair

Calendar Synch Functionality

Posted on Oct 11 2016 - 8:30pm

Keep your family calendar up-to-date with the latest Troop 416 events.

Simply click the link under your user name and follow the directions. 

The following formats are supported:  iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Google calendar, Android phone, Outlook 2007+, Yahoo, Windows Live.

Note:  If you already synced with the calendar and experienced a password reset with our last sync with TroopMaster, you'll need to redo the calendar sync setup.  The system resets those with a password sync.

Congratulations scout leaders

Posted on Oct 9 2016 - 11:31am
Scout Patrol Positon
Ben.E Saplings SPL
Aston.M Saplings ASPL
Ronith.P Golden Bison ASPL
Sourya.N Golden Bison ASPL
Ben.S Baconators ASPL;Patrol Leader
Toren.N   Patrol Leader
Even.H Ghost Wolves Patrol Leader
Devin.E   Patrol Leader
Jack.D Saplings Patrol Leader
Rory.B Nuclear Gummy Bears Patrol Leader
Akash.B Golden Bison Patrol Leader
Ben.I   OA Rep
Luke.E Baconators Quartermaster
Jackson.H Ghost Wolves Quartermaster
Matthew.I Ghost Wolves Quartermaster
Zachary.S Baconators Quatermaster
Luke.B Baconators Instructor
Adicta.E Rattle Sharks Instructor
Sonal.S Golden Bison Troop Guide
Rohit.M Golden Bison Troop Guide
Daniel.G  Baconators  Chaplian's Aid
 Rohan.P  Ghost Wolves  Scribe
 Matthew.H  Baconators  Librarian
 Jakob.N  Ghost Wolves Leave No Trace 
 Michael.H Baconators  Bugler 
 Ethan.S  Ghost Wolves  Webmaster